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Hr Recruiter

Exp: 6 Months to 2 Years

Open Positions: 2

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iOS Developer

Exp: 6 Months to 6 Years

Open Positions: 4

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PHP Developer

Exp: 1 year to 3 Years

Open Positions: 2

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Quality Analyst

Exp: 1 Year to 3 Years

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Android Developer

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Results, Not Methods

  • Open Mindset
  • Execution bias
  • Freedom to choose your methods

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Career FAQs

We look for detail-oriented professionals who have a great blend of competence and learnability. Willingness to face and communicate the Truth, straight communication, lifelong learning, and realistically optimism are some of the traits we appreciate.
  • Exceptional Skills + Rigid Mindset = Not preferred
  • Good Enough Skills + Flexible Mindset = Can be considered
  • Good Enough Skills + Flexible Mindset + High Learnability = Can be considered for sure
  • Exceptional Skills + Flexible Mindset + Lifelong Learning Attitude = Will be evaluated with a positive bias
Upsquare is in the Mobile Apps business since 2012. It started its journey as Space-O Digicom Private Limited. 8 years and 2 exits after, it has been rebranded as Upsquare Solutions Private Limited. As of 2020, Upsquare is in business for the past 8 years.

Upsquare Team works for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday. We have flexible in and out timings but we do not tolerate indiscipline. We want people to decide their work timings but we expect them to abide by team’s expectations.

Also, if critical problems are not solved then the days and weeks do not end. This is not by force but by choice.

We breathe a human-first culture where freedom is given and nonsense is not tolerated.

Typically, we start our day between 09:00 am to 10:00 am and end the day between 18:30 to 19:30. However, this may change as per the criticality of the projects.
Yes. Every Upsquare team members are paid 100% salaries despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since Upsquare is a Products-based company with a heavy focus on Mobile Apps, the majority of its revenues come from Apple, Google, and Joint Venture Partners wire transfer.
No. Upsquare is a Products company. So we do not work with Clients. We have joint venture partners and end-customers. Most of our products are SaaS or micro-SaaS based. While we are open to having a domestic JV partner, our present JV partners are all from outside India.
A vast majority of our customers are located in North America, Canada, UK, Europe, and Middle East. However, we do business in 175 countries across the world through automated distribution channels.
Upsquare officials travel for setting up joint ventures or carrying out R&D projects in the target countries. Unlike service companies, people from Upsquare do not travel on a per-project basis. However, when an engineer has done a remarkable job, s/he might get a paid vacation to any part of the world so keep your passports ready to be stamped with a Visa!
Truthful communication. Do-it-now attitude. Bias towards taking responsibility and finishing what matters, fast. We do not and will not tolerate any kind of politics in our people.
Very important. While we work on multi-lingual products, your proficiency in English is very important. The language of our business communication is English so it might happen that just because you are fluent in English then you can be offered one or the other relevant roles!
Please send out an email to our HR on hr@upsquare.in for any queries you have.
We use Swift, XCode, Kotlin, ReactNative, Flutter, Node, PHP, GoLang, Python, Basecamp, and Google Meet.
Regardless of the position you have applied on, we expect attention to detail, can-do attitude, entrepreneurial mindset, ability to spot the patterns, and willingness to let the best teams win!

Despite the pandemic, we are hiring. This is because of primarily two reasons.

One, a lot of our team members are working remotely. Most of our team members are good at getting things done via in-person interactions. But they are learning to get things done remotely. This makes their speed slow - to serve the needs, we are hiring more people.

Second, we have spotted a trend wherein more and more people are going to use Mobile devices in the coming 1-2 years. So the needs are going to be sky-high. So, currently, instead of shrinking our teams like many other businesses, we are adding and improving the capabilities of our people. This means that we will need to infuse funds from anywhere and everywhere into the business but we are willing to take that bet!

Our teams are working on code refactoring to make it more maintainable and building more and more clean code. This is carried out via an extended focus on product quality through various initiatives.

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