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Our Story

We are a team of ordinary people with an extraordinary passion for building mobile experiences.

In 2012, we started as a consulting and development organization. Soon, we found our feet rooted in producing our own mobile apps. 9 years, few failures, and two exits after; here we are, looking at the future with more determination and enthusiasm.

We have leveraged technologies and concepts such as iOS (Objective-C/Swift) App Design & Development for iPhone and iPad, Android App Design & Development for Smartphones and Tablets, UX Reviews, Prototyping, App Experience Design, App Marketing/ASO and more.

Upsquare is a home for some great engineering brains. We are single-focused on creating a better user experience for our users, vendors, teammates, and society at large.

We aim to enrich human lives through better mobile experiences.

Our aim inspires each of the Upsquare team members to wake up at 5:00 am in the morning or stay awake until 3:00 am.

You can find our teams solve a customer problem or create a weird something that will be the next feature of the apps we have been working on at odd times!

Our apps have been downloaded for more than 10 million times on the App Store (and counting!)

Our Team

We are a team of 110+ people who operate everywhere from the world in diverse roles. We are not after the team’s count, but we are after the count of breathtaking experiences that our small team produces.

We select people who fit our ecosystem or the ones who create a new ecosystem within what has been working for us. Typically, if a professional has spent one year with us, her experience would be equivalent to 3 years in a competing company.

Meet the vibrant squares of Upsquare who are not only excellent at what they do, they are good at enjoying every moment of work through upfront communication, commitment to excellence, and mindset of a maker.

Utpal Jigar

What We Stand For


Enrich every human life through better apps and remarkable user-experience.


Every mobile device has a minimum of one App installed in their device which is developed, acquired, or maintained by the vibrant squares of Upsquare.

Work Culture

Work, Not Talks

We take enough time to understand. Then we take action. Actions speak louder than words. Rather than perfecting our talks, we work to produce excellent outcomes.

Fewer Meetings, More Doing

Teams do meetings when they don't understand the crux. People who appreciate their next actions just take them! We hire and train people to finish what's important.

Finish What's Important

Results come when we finish the things that need to be finished. It might be releasing a new version, uploading a new build, or sending that necessary email.

Life @ Upsquare

Upsquare is made of energetic people who play well and work hard (and smart!). You get inspired to do your best when you work with the Upsquare team. See our life in pictures. Don't you see positive vibes?